Who we are (ESCRS IOL Calculator Team)

Adi Abulafia

Dante Buonsanti

Oliver Findl

Miguel Raimundo

Filomena Ribeiro

Giacomo Savini

About the ESCRS IOL Calculator

The ESCRS IOL calculator is a web application for IOL power calculations using multiple modern formulas simultaneously (by web scraping or API integration).

Barrett Universal II formula - modern theoretical optics formula (available on https://www.apacrs.org/)

Cooke K6 formula - modern thin lens formula (available on https://cookeformula.com/)

EVO formula - thick lens formula, based on the theory of emmetropization (available on https://www.evoiolcalculator.com/)

Hill-RBF formula - artificial intelligence formula using pattern recognition (available on https://rbfcalculator.com)

Kane formula - formula combining artificial intelligence with theoretical optics (available on https://www.iolformula.com/)

Hoffer QST formula - evolution of the Hoffer Q formula, improved by artificial intelligence (available on https://hofferqst.com/)

PEARL-DGS formula - formula based on thick lens equations and machine learning models (available on https://iolsolver.com/)

Data Collection Policy

We do NOT store or collect any data inputted to our forms (either individually or in aggregate).

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